(Board Certified: DNM/IMD, DHS, HHP)

Connecting Mind & Body

Dr. Elsa Wagdy is Calgary’s leading Dr. of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS), specializing in Psychotherapy, Integrative and Functional medicine (I-MD/F-MD) in Chronic Health Issues and Stress. She is a global speaker and presenter on the power and effects of the mind over the body for health and healing. Dr Elsa has over 20 years combined experience in: Integrative, Functional and Natural Medicine, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Herbology, Personal Training, Nutrition, Clinical/Behavioral/Energy Psychology, Psychedelics, Micro-Current Stimulation, and Quantum Physics.

Dr Elsa’s Clinical Trials assessing her protocols has offered an outstanding success rate of 100% in healing of both mind (psychological) and body (physiological) without pharmaceuticals or invasive surgeries.

Almost 20 Years of Experience

My extensive experience enables healing effectively with long-term results.

97% Healing Success Rate in the First Session

The vast majority see positive results from their first session.

Evidence-Based Modalities and Methods

My substantial skills and knowledge in numerous medical and scientific methods allows for optimal healing in less time.

Rapid Recovery Times

Heal mental, emotional and physical diseases and issues in as little as 1-3 sessions.

Holistic Approach

By applying Holisim and incorporating Eastern, Western, ancient and current techniques and practices, swift miraculous transformations result.

Swift Recovery in Body and Mind Health Issues/Diseases



About Dr. Elsa Wagdy

Dr Elsa has travelled extensively and studied with monks, yogis, and shamans. Additionally, she studied Western, Eastern, Ancient, and Current medicines and Allopathic and Natural Medicines. Her specialities for her Post Graduate work included Neuroscience (emphasising neurogenesis and neuroplasticity), Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Psychologies, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), Orthomolecular Medicine, Herbology, Gut/Brain Axis, and Mind & Body connections.

Dr Elsa holds seminars and presentations worldwide that illuminate the relationships between body, mind, consciousness and quantum physics, showing the scientific evidence of how the mastery of your mind dictates beliefs driving thoughts which translate into molecular chemistry we call emotions and ultimately create your life experiences. Furthermore, she provides evidence, explains how physical diseases manifest due to specific mindset patterns, and offers ways to allow the body to heal without intrusive methods.

Dr Elsa’s unique approach and techniques combine various modalities to ignite true inner peace and healing of both mind and body ailments for personal growth and freedom. She bridges the worlds of mysticism and miracles with the newest scientific findings and teaches how to tap into the limitlessness of the mind to flourish and create fulfilling lives. She believes in a scientifically-based and evidence-based holistic approach to healing that incorporates body and mind.

Dr Elsa has endured many hardships in her younger life, including Cancers, Heart Attacks, Tumours, Stroke, Gastro-Intestinal issues, and Psychological issues. Western Medicine offered little help, but through all her training and knowledge, she learned how to overcome such problems and heal without the aid of Pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries. She dedicates her life to helping others heal and lets them know there is always hope if you are willing to do the work to heal. No one can heal you except you, but you need the right tools.

Dr Elsa is certified and holds several designations, including 3 Graduate Level degrees, PhD, Doctorate and postgraduate work. She is also Board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners (BNMDP) and The World Organization of Natural Medicine. 


Popular Services

One on one sessions for health and healing for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families

Organizational Seminars on stress management, change management, unconscious bias, and inclusion

Off-site retreats with seminars, workshops and practices for health and healing

The following is a list of the combined approach utilised by Dr Elsa as is required upon her assessment and varies in each session:


“I had gotten to a point where I felt like the Western medical system failed me, continuing to prescribe me higher and higher doses of pharmaceutical pills when it was clear they were not working, and the side effects were harder to live with than the anxiety they were supposed to be treating. I had given up hope that I would ever feel like myself again, which led to me using some unhealthy coping mechanisms. Luckily I was introduced to Dr Elsa, and after our initial discussion, I immediately felt at ease with her and her methods. She got me to realize the state of constant stress that my body was living in, and I thought I didn’t have any stress. Through a series of daily breathing exercises, an orthomolecular regimen, and lifestyle changes, she was able to help wean me off of all the pharmaceutical drugs and help give me my life back. In just under two months, she has done more for me than others have done my whole life and my ability to recognize how stress affects all areas of my health has grown dramatically. This will be a constant journey, but I know if I am committed to putting in the effort, there will be a much happier and healthier life for me ahead. I highly recommend Dr Elsa and hope that many others get to experience the transformation I had in such a short time.”

Lee Reckmann
President and CEO
Launch Recruiting INC

“I started my journey with Dr Elsa for about three months trying to overcome a few of my health issues. I suffered from an autoimmune disease that no other doctors could help me with, plus chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches and migraines, and always felt weak. To my surprise, not even one month in, I felt alive, with no more fatigue, headaches had disappeared, and the autoimmune disease had vanished—no need for any pharmaceuticals. I feel like a teenager again with high levels of energy and joy, but I am nearly 40. She might be a Witchdoctor like I call her, but she definitely helped me in all areas of my life, and I can not say thank you enough. I would more than just recommend Dr Elsa; if you have a chance to work with her, keep her really close and make friends. I always get goosebumps when we meet. Her level of knowledge, resourcefulness and her passion and drive to help others heal is second to none.”

Alexa Chipiristeanu
Leader Development Manger
Young Living

“After coming out of a very long and painful marriage, I was stuck in a destructive cycle. Dr Elsa has been an incredible catalyst to improve my mental and physical healing. She also helped me break the cycles that were holding me back. Her unique holistic and practical approaches have given me a balance in my life I didn’t know I could have. Listen to this woman, as she speaks truths.”

Mr. James (J.R.) Cox, CD
Former Lieutenant Colonel of 41 Service Battalion
President and CEO of The Edge Group of Companies

“Dr Wagdy has made dramatic changes in my life by focusing equally on mental and physical aspects. She helped me understand how the two are intimately linked and how I can be happy with myself by boosting my self esteem and leading me on a path that has positively changed my life. She designed a nutrition program and helped me with physical and mental goals. I highly recommend anyone that needs a major life overhaul or just a few minor tweaks.”

David Galambos
Manager, Mechanical Facilities

“I struggled with so many things like depression, anxiety, ADHA, anger issues, pain, an eating disorder, and low self-esteem. I was put on some drugs for a few years to help with my issues, but they always made me feel weird and didn’t help me, so I wanted to be off them but was scared to do that alone. Dr Elsa gave me the tools to deal with all my issues and I’m happy to report that I don’t have these issues anymore and off all the meds. I learned during the study that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. That I can help my mental issues in a proper way. I definitely think that if anyone has any issues at all, they need to see Dr Elsa. She is amazing. I never thought I would feel this happy and good. It was all so weird to me to learn so much, but she was so nice and took her time with me to help me. She made me feel safe and helped me so much with everything.”

Hayley Demchuk
Hairstylist and Waitress

“I chose to come to Dr Elsa because I’ve been dealing with severe chronic pain from an old injury as well as other health issues related to poor digestion/nutrient assimilation. When I found out about Dr Elsa’s practice and her holistic approach through integrative medicine, I jumped at the chance to work with her. After my first session with her, I knew I had made the right choice and was going to see results. Her protocols started making a difference right away. Dr Elsa reminded me that the journey of health and healing is often painful but necessary. Her extensive knowledge in numerous medical and energy fields is invaluable. She spent a lot of time educating me and helping me to understand what was going on in my brain and body. The biofeedback tools are also an amazing and effective way to see how you are progressing in your healing journey. She has a very direct yet compassionate and non-judgemental way of guiding you as you make the necessary changes required to achieve better mental and physical health. Throughout my time with Dr Elsa, I became more calm, peaceful, confident, and mentally stronger. Towards the end, I realized I had improved in ways I never thought I would. I even learned to reduce or eliminate pain through how I process and accept pain. I’m back to doing things that I haven’t been able to do in years. I have more physical and mental energy. My digestion has gotten better, which contributes significantly to my overall well-being. Thanks to Dr Elsa, I now have the confidence and tools required to continue my lifelong journey to achieving my best health. Thank you!”

Danielle Proteau

“Before Dr Wagdy’s treatment, I was a chronic overthinker, paranoid, and had difficulty trusting my significant other. I would find myself lost in my own head, conjuring up theories about why I couldn’t trust my partner even though they had struggled a lot to prove that I could trust them. Ultimately through Dr Wagdy’s counselling, I was able to discover that the root of my issues. Through many uncomfortable sessions and opening up, I drew out many conclusions with Dr Wagdy. She taught me how to take power away from my mental blockages. To understand the roots and causes took away the feeling of helplessness and weakness I felt from not being able to explain why I was acting the way I did. Being a leukaemia survivor, Dr Wagdy had prescribed me supplements that would help regulate nutrients that my body lacked. I found this to be helpful because many doctors only prescribe short-term treatments that fix the problem now, while Dr Wagdy’s treatment is here to keep you out of the hospital with long-term treatment and healthy lifestyle choices. Dr Wagdy’s treatment has improved me and my partners’ communication skills immensely, and removed my mental issues. I intend to share what I have learned from her treatments with patients I may have in the future as I am a nursing student. I believe her techniques will help patients with their pain and regulate or calm down fears, anxiety, and stress caused by their medical complications. Dr Wagdy is truly brilliant and a very insightful individual; her treatment is, without a doubt, effective and educational. The best part about it, though, is that it is applicable to anyone willing to seek change.”

Oscar Yip
Nursing Student

“As a 54-year-old female in menopause, I was basically falling apart chronic pain and fatigue, high blood pressure, unhealthy habits, and deeply discouraged and depressed. I was taking pain, antidepressant, antianxiety, asthma and muscle relaxants medication on a regular basis. I smoked nearly a pack a day, had an eating disorder, yet heavily overweight. Dr Elsa was amazing for helping me stop with the personal criticism and instead celebrate my victories. I finally got on all the supplements as recommended. Within two days, I found all the energy I thought was gone and my body and mind felt better. I was able to wean off the medications without any side effects, and my blood pressure is back to normal. I started tracking calories and food intake as per her suggestion, as well as my exercise, and lost 20 pounds while eating more. I have also quit smoking for over 12 weeks now. With Dr Elsa’s guidance and support, we found root causes for the physical health issues and the psychological ones. I absolutely love Dr Elsa and the genuine care she brings to her process. I have learnt a lot, and it is important to be told directly when you are blowing smoke up your own skirt. I am grateful that she encouraged me to be accountable but did so without judgement. She provided a safe and calm environment to address my issues of emotional, spiritual, and physical health and helped me to resolve so many issues in my life. I am in so much gratitude for this experience and really believe completely in these methods. I recommend her to everyone I know, no matter what issues they have.”

Michelle Gruendel
Intuitive Healer

“I was fortunate to find Dr Wagdy and at a very low point in my life. Dealing with personal issues as well as a stressful work environment, having mental and physical health issues; I have attempted all the traditional medical and/or mental health therapies available in Western Medicine. Traditional medicine/mental health, although useful in many situations, is not the only avenue. I now believe that where traditional medicine became ineffective, holistic medicine picked up the trail. Dr Wagdy has a genuine desire to first understand and then guide her patients to heal themselves. I was able to feel that authenticity upon meeting her, immediately putting me at ease. More importantly, I now understand that “I” am in control of my thought processes as well as what I put in my body. I can choose to understand what works best for me and discard what has not worked. Quantum Physics is something I simply would never have considered in the past. I now deem what was once considered “not possible” explainable through quantum physics as a sort of “miraculous healing!”

Allison Groben
Pathology/Cytology Technician Clinical Trial Coordinator

“I have been seeing Dr Elsa for a short amount of time but already the results are invaluable. I had come dealing with work stress, having seizures, panic attacks, trembling, high blood pressure, and early-onset dementia. Through her explanations she was able to pinpoint that there were other factors that were contributing to the physical health issues. Dr Elsa explained that I needed to reset my body and recommended supplements to take. I was also prescribed a diet to follow and other specific exercises and protocols. She also provided explanations in very layman’s terms on what was subconsciously going through my mind and how it manifested in my body with ties to quantum physics. I have found that my body and my mind are responding. I am more alert, less tired, less stressed and have lost about 15 pounds of weight, plus my seizures, trembling, and panic attacks have also stopped and I seem to be regaining more memory. Dr Elsa is not judgmental, nor does she make you relive your past. She provides guidance on how to approach issues and remove the stressors. As mentioned, I have only seen Dr Elsa a couple of times but will continue to do so given the incredible results in only two sessions. There have already been significant changes in my life and I’m extremely happy with what we have achieved. As one who may be considered a naysayer on therapy or discussing my feelings, I would have no issues recommending any of her techniques to anyone as she provided a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere for healing!”

Geoff Moffat
Environmental Consultant

“Dr Elsa help me lower my blood pressure naturally and remove pharma meds. I chose Dr Elsa and I’m glad I did. I learned several things from Dr Elsa regarding the essence of who I am and the potential for improving my current mental state and physical health naturally. One of the things that I did while under her care was alcohol cessation. She helped me realize my psychological issues for my alcohol consumption and that to improve my state I had to stop drinking. I was introduced to other protocols including supplements to help regulate my body and mind. I also learned that breathing and mental state coincide, among other things. I highly recommend De Elsa’s services as she lends a friendly ear and because she’s been through so much herself, she has the lead on knowing what you’re going through. Dr Elsa for the win!”

Bobby C.
Business Analyst

“I connected with Dr Elsa in a way that I never had before. I opened up to her about some dark spiritual experiences that I had while I was admitted in the hospital for severe mental issues. I was in a very dark place at the time. I felt so much fear and anxiety about the state of the world and our future among other things. She understood where I was and was very compassionate. She began to teach me about some basic quantum physics principles. I was keenly alert to everything that came out of her mouth. She taught me about the conscious and subconscious mind, of the vastness of the universe, what matter is and much more. She taught me how everything is vibration and there are low and high frequencies. She shared something with me that I desperately needed to know to help me realign my life with God. I was struggling deeply at the time because the faith that I had was gone. I wanted to understand her perspective on how God fits into the concept of quantum physics. Dr Elsa told me that the unified quantum field has many names and God is one of them, but God is pure unconditional love. I thought to myself wow that is true and it resonated with my soul. I feel incredible and the darkness has lifted. The love and pure concern the Dr Elsa gave to me that day is a gift that I could never repay. I am full of gratitude for the generosity of spirit and love that Dr Elsa emanates and for the oxygen that she gave me when I was in desperate place. She’s inspiration and an example of how we can overcome and triumph in this life.”

Alicia Young
Senior Care Specialist

“I am pleased to say that through our few consultations Dr Elsa has given me a much greater understanding of the endocrine system and chakras. Her lessons and techniques into quantum physics and medicine allowed me to reach my quantum blueprint and physically reduce an abscessed tooth to under half of its original size within an hour and even took away my anxieties and fear. I am definitely a believer in her methods. Thank you, Dr Elsa!”

Shawn Greer

“I am writing today to offer my strongest endorsement on Dr Elsa. I met Dr Elsa when I was a new mother stuck in a toxic relationship. Dr Elsa is an incredibly skilled and compassionate individual who has helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life. What really makes Dr Elsa unique is her ability to connect with individuals and make them feel accepted, heard, and understood. Dr Elsa also has the ability to create a safe and supportive environment that has allowed me to explore myself, my thoughts, and my actions and to accept myself honestly and openly. Dr Elsa supported me with a wide range of mental health issues from PTSD, abuse, relationship issues and helped me create safe boundaries for myself. Dr Elsa is always willing to listen without judgment. Through her expertise I found self acceptance in myself and have learned to love myself a little more everyday. I firmly believe Dr Elsa is an incredible doctor and I would highly recommend her without hesitation. Her knowledge of psychology and therapy has helped me in my recovery.”

Nicole Arter
Property Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Expect to unravel all of your past from childhood to now. Expect to have Biofeedback tools used for brainwave and HRV assessments. Expect to have specified orthomolecular medicine supplementations. Expect a knowledge session where you learn about what is happening and why. Learning is the precursor to understanding and better experiences.

The first session is 3-4 hours. Subsequent sessions are 2-3 hours

Alberta Health does not cover DNMs, similarly they do not cover Psychologists/therapists. However, many extended health insurance plans do cover DNMs and Orthomolecular medicines. Please check with your providers. Moreover, there are payment plans and sliding scales for those in need. Should you need financial aid, please notify Dr Elsa and send financial statements supporting such a need (e.g. welfare, EI, yearly income statement showing low status, etc.). Dr Elsa believes in helping anyone who needs it and works with all walks of life.

Note that with Dr Elsa, you have access to over ten specialists in one sitting for an integrative, more effective approach to health and healing and a large cost savings.

Your body will feel asleep, but the subconscious brain becomes highly active.

It opens the subconscious brain to allow for optimal neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. It allows for repressed/suppressed issues to surface, which are reframed and integrated into the psyche.

Dr Elsa provides both online and face to face sessions for convenience. However, for optimal results (using EEG, EKGs, etc., need a physical presence), face to face sessions are recommended.